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Spanakópita (Greek Spinach and Feta Pie)

One of the many things unique about Melbourne is the city’s multicultural diversity. Since the 1950s, Melbourne’s culture has has been shaped by the many immigrants who have made Melbourne their home. As an immigrant myself, living in Melbourne has exposed me to foods and cuisines outside of my native Southeast Asian cuisine. Besides the […]

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How To Wash Spinach

I will forever associate spinach with Popeye the Sailor Man, thanks to the cartoons I used to watch as a little kid. Back then, I even thought that eating spinach would give me superhuman strength, just like Popeye. Yes, those were the days when my parents told me that Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck lived […]

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Cooking By Taste

Like many Asian cooks, my mother never bothers with standard measuring cups and spoons. This made it incredibly challenging during my time as her apprentice when she was demonstrating a new dish. “And then you add some salt and sugar….” she would say, as she quickly scooped some salt and sugar from their respective jars […]

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Welcome to Kitchen Dojo!

Welcome to Kitchen Dojo! Kitchen Dojo is a personal project that aims to explore the art and craft of cooking. My goal is to share my love for cooking and photography, as well as other lifestyle topics close to my heart. It’s a constantly evolving work in progress, so don’t be too surprised if things […]

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