Basic Fried Noodles

I often find it amusing whenever I see ‘Singapore Fried Noodles’ on the menu in a Chinese restaurant. This is because you won’t find ‘Singapore Fried Noodles’ sold in my native hometown of Singapore. While many hawker stalls sell fried vermicelli or noodles as a simple breakfast dish, it’s not considered a signature dish like Laksa or Char Kway Teow. Instead they’re sold ready-wrapped in simple brown paper packets for the breakfast crowd to pick up quickly on the go.

So, how a simple home-style Asian noodle dish became known as ‘Singapore Fried Noodles’ overseas remains a mystery to me. That said, fried noodles are not only tasty, but easy enough to whip up quickly for a weeknight dinner.

My version of fried noodles are reminiscent of the type sold in hawker stalls over Singapore. However, I’ve substituted the traditional Hokkien noodles with wheat noodles which are easier to obtain here in Australia.

This dish is so simple to prepare at home, you’ll never order ‘Singapore Fried Noodles’ again.
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