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How To Turn Instant Noodles Into A Gourmet Meal

I have a confession to make. Despite my cooking-from-scratch-is-best mantra and occasional preaching about healthy eating, I’ve recently resumed a bad food addiction. You’ve guessed it- Instant Noodles, aka instant ramen. Probably Japan’s most famous invention, along with MSG. I had been so good. In fact, I hadn’t touched the stuff in years, until a […]

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Malay-style Okra in Rempah

As stated earlier, I’m a big fan of home-made rempah (spice paste) made in a mortar and pestle. While it takes some effort to prepare, rempah is incredibly versatile, and is a staple in many Malay and Nyonya dishes found to South-East Asia. One of my favourite dishes is okra stir-fried in rempah, which is […]

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