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About Kitchen Dojo

What is Kitchen Dojo? In a nutshell, it is a website about the art of cooking. I am passionate about cooking and this website is a place where I share some thoughts and ideas about my craft.

To me, cooking is art. Cooking is science. Cooking is alchemy.

But most of all, cooking is a discipline.

I consider the practice of cooking to be akin to a martial arts discipline, like judo, kungfu or karate. Hence the ‘Dojo’ in Kitchen Dojo.

To create a masterpiece requires the fusion of body, mind and spirit. Hence I believe that working in the kitchen allows one to cultivate the mind and character. For instance, cooking has helped me develop patience and a level head- very useful during a kitchen disaster.

On Kitchen Dojo I will be sharing my cooking experiences, recipes and thoughts on how to become a better cook. As this is very much a personal site, I also write about other topics of interest, such as self-development and healthy eating.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy Kitchen Dojo.

About The Cook, Author and Photographer

My name is Gilbert and I love food, cooking and photography. I have been cooking for the past 12 years and have learnt much along the way, both about cooking and myself.

My love of food began at an early age. I was born and bred in Singapore, where food and the pursuit of good food is a way of life. In addition, I am incredibly lucky to come from a line of good cooks.

My own journey in the kitchen began when I was 15, as my mother’s (reluctant) apprentice. Mum had just returned to work after being a stay-at-home mother so I was given the task of preparing weeknight dinners. Despite the early kitchen disasters, my skills gradually improved and I soon developed a passion for cooking. Before I knew it, I was watching Yan Can Cook on TV and poring over cookbooks for new recipes to try.

Today, those cooking lessons continue to serve me well, especially since relocating to Melbourne, Australia which is now home.

There is so much yet to learn and explore about cooking. I continue to refine and improve on the recipes I already know. My expertise lies in the Singaporean and Chinese cuisine I grew up with, but recently I’ve begun adopting other cuisines and flavours into my repertoire, such as Greek and Thai.

Life is a journey of learning and self discovery, and what better way to travel than cooking and eating on the way?

All content on this website, including text and photography, is Copyright © 2009 Gilbert Ho unless otherwise noted. All rights reserved.

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