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To Market, To Market: Farmers’ Market, Collingwood Children’s Farm

I used to think that visiting a farmers’ market meant travelling to a country town, or driving across the city to a hard-to-find spot on the city fringe. And since I don’t own a car, getting to a farmers’ market seemed more trouble then it was worth. Then I learnt of the Melbourne Community Farmers’ […]

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I’m Still Here!

Oops, I did it again. I said I’d create more content for this blog last November, but before I knew it, six months came and went. It’s now mid-2012, and it’s kind of scary that half the year is almost gone. Where did all that time go? I’ve had some readers leave comments over the […]

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Food Snob

Recently, a commenter on an earlier blog post wondered why I drew attention to the fact that the noodle dish called ‘Singapore Fried Noodles’ actually doesn’t exist in Singapore. “I find food snobs amusing,” the commenter added. Hmmmmm. Does this mean I’m a food snob? I mean, I’m really, really, passionate about food and cooking, […]

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Melbourne ProBlogger Event 2011 (The Day I Met Tim Ferriss)

Sometimes I feel like a terrible blogger. I post sporadically at best, and at other times I struggle with writer’s block. So when Darren Rowse announced on his Twitter stream that he was organising #PBevent (ProBlogger Event), a bloggers’ training day/conference to be held here in Melbourne, I jumped at the opportunity to grab a […]

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On Throwing Food Away

“There is so much food on this planet that we could feed everyone. Yes, there are people who are starving, but it is not the lack of food, it is the lack of love that allows this to happen.” — Louise Hay Recently some friends and I decided to indulge in an all-you-can-eat buffet. And […]

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Going Gluten-Free: The First 45 Days

I shifted nervously in my seat as the man sitting across the desk separating us looked at me with a serious expression on his face. “You need to go on a restricted diet,” he told me. “This means no caffeine, processed foods or sugar, red meat, dairy… and no gluten, either.” “No… gluten?” I said […]

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